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Full Automatic Carton Packing MachinePackaging specifications:Bottle type(Bottle diameter 50-110MM)Packaging specifications (2*3 3*4 3*5 4*6)Packing speed(15carton/min)Basic performance of carton packing machine:Using painted steel and lexan ® Plastic safety shield, Meet CE criteria.Mechanical parts chrome steel, stainless s

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Full Automatic Carton Packing Machine

Packaging specifications:
Bottle type(Bottle diameter 50-110MM)
Packaging specifications (2*3 3*4 3*5 4*6)
Packing speed(15carton/min)

Basic performance of carton packing machine:
Using painted steel and lexan ® Plastic safety shield, Meet CE criteria.
Mechanical parts chrome steel, stainless steel, aluminum and corrosion.
Main drive adopts adjustable speed reducer, variable speed, auto-correct feature.
Bottle feeding conveyor chain plate made of a polymer material consisting of a low coefficient of friction, continuous feed bottles, lane guide.
For Product location for automatic speed adjustment and all the bottle detection.
The detection of inverted bottle and lack of bottle in the enter bottle place, alarm for shortage of box.
Main electric cabinet on the machine.
Schneider low voltage control system
AIRTAC pneumatic components
Autonics photoelectric control system
Siemens PLC process controller with the console, and a color LCD touch screen, directly modify the machine parameters;
WD-ZX15 case packer-Performance description
Voltage: 380V(± 10%max)50Hz 3pH+PE.
For non-380V voltages, can provide an autotransfo.
Control voltage: 24V DC, Schneider low voltage control system
According to the IEC 529 standard, the electrical cabinet protection grade is IP54, Button protection grade is IP65
Insulating refractory cable (paint color according to the DESINA standard)
Total switch: Domestic brands
Panel buttonØ 30mm: Schneider
Proximity switch: South Korea
With the joint of the photoelectric tube IP67 diameter18 D
Relay connector conforming to DIN50-022-35 standard
Rapid stand joints conforms to the DIN50-022-35 standard
Contactor relay with the French Schneider TE/ABB
Frequency converter is Taiwan Teco
Main controller: Germany Siemens
Asynchronous motor: Domestic
Other electric driving device in accordance with the IEC529 standard is not less than IP54
Gear motor; China
Bearing: TR
Chain: Polymer plastics
Electronic valve in accordance with ISO 505599/1/0 standard
Cylinder and its accessories: AIRTAC or SMC
The production line to set multiple fault protection and alarm and fault alarm device. All the fault alarm details are on the touch screen to highlight, prompted the need to solve the content and the main measures. The main action mechanism is provided with an electronic detection, automatic fault correction system is provided with a mechanical motion system, also can use manual reset button, the system automatically detecting and correcting.
Case packer-standard paint
The machine frame through 2.5 grade SAZ sandblasting, consistent with SIS rules, and by solvent degreasing
Frame: Gray (optional)
Sliding door: Yellow (optional)
Electrical cabinet spraying: Stainless steel 304
Case packer work requirements:
· Products must enter the machine with relatively steady speed, feeding speed upstream products should be able to control, prevent excessive squeeze between products.
· At the exit of the carton, packaging products must be carefully removed in a timely manner, to ensure the normal packaging process

Parameters of carton packing machine:
KeywordsAutomatic Carton Box Packing Machinery
Capacity10-15 cartoon/min
Table height800mm
Applicable size(L)300-400×(W)300-450×(H)100-200
Machine size(L)5260×(W)1830×(H)2000
Machine weight1600KG
Rated power4KW
Power supply380V 50HZ
Air supply150L/min 6Mpa
Hot melt adhesivecuring time 2-3 seconds,working temperature: 150-180°C
High Quality Bottle Conveyor System
High Quality Bottle Conveyor System
High Quality Bottle Conveyor System
High Quality Bottle Conveyor System
High Quality Bottle Conveyor System


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