How to solve efficiency in farm processing

2022-10-26 12:10:25 By : Mr. SONG PU

“As harvesting, sorting, and packaging are mostly done manually in vertical farms, it creates a kind of inefficiency due to the fact that it’s time-consuming. Depending on the number of crops a farm is cultivating and the number of cycles, it can become quite inefficient to keep doing all of this manually. However, we can help farmers out with that. Our newest EazyCut harvester allows for automatic harvesting at a constant speed and quality,” affirms Christian Oosterlaan, Co-Owner and responsible for sales and technics at Pack TTI.

TTI is a supplier of multiple machinery systems that include harvesting, washing, weighing, and packing for either indoor or vertical farmers. The company allows for vertical farm crops to be processed in their machinery, mainly microgreens, leafy greens, and herbs.

Constant quality After several trials, TTI developed the EazyCut harvester together with a client. The thin hedge trimmer blades cut the crop tight and short. Once harvested, the greens are blown onto the conveyor belt behind it by the air nozzles. This provides a constant flow of harvested crops which can be directly washed, weighed, and packed. This eliminates a tremendous amount of labor and creates a high processing capacity.

Per crop, the input speed and the speed of the blower can be adjusted at any time for an optimal result. Besides that, all machinery is food-graded and equipped lines can be cleaned very easily. The trays are available in 600, 1200, and 1600mm, which are suiting for trays, plates, and tables.  

The latest EazyCut machine was delivered in Berlin to a well-known vertical farm. Various requests are coming in from different companies. The following video shows how the machine works. 

Creating an entire processing line As Chris explains, it’s definitely possible to connect multiple lines to the EazyCut. From the harvesting machine, crops can directly be led to the washing area. Later on, they can be transported to the sorting and weighing line, which will be packed in bags or boxes.

Tomorrow, Vertifarm in Dortmund will kick off, where Pack TTI will also be present. They’ll have two working machines on display. One is a small EazyCut basic harvester, and besides that, they will also present a compact binding line for herbs and longer vegetables such as spring onion, carrots, and asparagus. Make sure to stop by their booth, nr. 5.F08.

For more information: Christian Oosterlaan, Co-owner Pack TTI 16 Gildenweg 3334 KC, Zwijndrecht, NL +31 (0) 884 256 240 

Publication date: Thu 29 Sep 2022 Author: Rebekka Boekhout ©

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